Syrona Offers 3 Types of Intensives

All Intensives Offer 3-, 4-, or 5-Day Options.

1. Individual

2. Couple – 2 people

3. Small Group – 4 people

The Syrona Intensives are focused on the CHANGE process.  The main difference between them is the number of people.

Each Intensive takes you through a step-by-step process that highlights the way you have developed, focusing on the automatic, habitual patterns you want to change.  We will teach you about yourself, yourself in relationship, and yourself on automatic pilot.

There are 3 stages to each Intensive.

Stage 1

We start with an overview of how you “tick”, and teach you some really cool science about feelings and emotions.  Some of the questions we address include:

Are feelings and emotions the same thing?

Why do some people feel their emotions a lot and some people feel them only a little?

What causes us to become overwhelmed?

Why do some emotions feel so “bad”?

Why does my mind race at night when I’m trying to sleep?

Is it okay to ignore our feelings?

How come we sometimes can – and sometimes can’t – just stop doing things we decide we don’t want to do anymore?

Why is it that different cultures have different emotions?  Aren’t we all born with the same ones?

Stage 2

The 2nd stage preps you for change.  After learning about how you “tick”, you are ready to delve into how your personality has been shaped by your life experiences.  Changing often means shifting habitual patterns that have become so automatic you aren’t always even aware of them.  Even if you are aware, despite promising yourself or others that you will stop, or change, you find yourself falling back into the same ways of feeling, thinking and/or behaving over and over again.  For too many people, being on this treadmill is how they live life, and it can be demoralizing.  There is hope!  In these sessions, we spend time identifying the most important parts of your life story that have contributed to the development these entrenched patterns so we can focus on changing them.  In these sessions we focus on the following:

Factual and meaningful events/relationships over the course of your first 21 years.

Significant life events/relationships as an adult, up to present.

Understanding the ways these events helped “program” your automatic ways of feeling, thinking, and responding under certain conditions.

Stage 3

The 3rd stage is when we work to make change happen.  Armed with knowledge from the previous intensives, you are ready to start the change process.  Recent scientific advances have given us more insight into how memory, emotion, and behavior are linked and how to UNLINK them.  In these sessions, we use scientifically-based techniques and interventions that target YOUR specific habitual patterns.  This part of the change process is highly customized, as it has to be, in order to effect real and lasting change.  Notably, we don’t just talk.  We work with your verbal and non-verbal signals, so that you can learn the subtle ways your body communicates what is going on inside of you.  We help you expand your emotional safety and thus your emotional tolerance, so that you can recognize and respect the amazing messages that your feelings are trying to give you.  Most importantly, we help you DO things differently so that your brain begins to rewire itself.  This allows you to have different options for responding other than the old automatic ways.