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A question for you:

How often have YOU been frustrated by knowing you need to do more in-depth, intensive work with a client but dared not start, knowing one hour is not enough to get in – or out – in an emotionally safe way?  

For us, the answer was: TOO MUCH.

As outpatient therapists for over 10 years, we started Syrona not because we had a “vision” of how we wanted to practice therapy, but in a large part, because of frustration. 

Despite having a very successful private practice, we felt stymied by a basic tenet of outpatient therapy: the one hour/once a week “traditional” therapy format.  We and our clients shared the belief that ONE HOUR IS NOT ENOUGH TIME.  Here we were, after spending years learning and honing our craft, feeling we could not use many of the tools and skill sets we now knew.  And, with the changes in the healthcare field, and the advent of the 45-minute hour, we found we had even LESS time.

KathleenKelly65518012So, having been exposed to the intensive format in our training, we began offering our clients half-day and full-day sessions.  As word got out, these sessions became increasingly popular.  And over time, we became “spoiled” by having the time to get our client’s past their intellectual insights, and into more authentic, emotional places.  The progress our clients made was often shocking – to us and them!  The changes our clients were able to make and maintain made us, as therapists, proud of our work – and our profession.  We found ourselves feeling invigorated and enthused by how reliably we were able to create significant breakthroughs for our clients.  When the time was right, we joined forces, changed our practices to full-time Intensives, and Syrona was born.

Since starting Syrona, one of the greatest perks we have had is getting to meet and work with other mental health professionals.  Whether local, or from other geographic regions, states, even countries, getting to know our referring therapists has been a true privilege.  Too often the nature of private practice can mean being isolated from our colleagues except for conferences and occasional consultations.  With Syrona, we have been able to develop wonderful relationships with other therapists; sharing, learning, and supporting each other through the unique challenges of being a therapist .

shutterstock_398107057This brings up another reason we had for starting Syrona.  We wanted to offer other therapists in private practice the same kind of support and professional collaboration we had experienced and found to be so helpful. Based on our experience in private practice, we know how hard it is be to be “all things” to all of your clients.  Despite the powerful skill set you developed first in school, then through experience and further training, there are clients that may present to you needing intense, in-depth work that may not fit with either your time, comfort level, skill set, or practice limitations.  For some of these clients:

  • residential or inpatient treatment centers may not be the answer.
  • customized, focused, time and attention are needed to achieve the   “breakthroughs” that will help them get back on track.
  • trauma-based interventions are needed, but are hard to manage in an outpatient practice/setting.

Syrona offers you, the therapist in private practice, a real alternative to residential/inpatient treatment centers for clients that need more individualized, and intensive attention.  It is ideal for those clients who want/need more in-depth or intensive therapy but would benefit from a shorter time away from home and/or having the focus be solely on them and their issues. Or, for those clients who are uncomfortable enough in a group setting that they simply refuse to consider a residential/inpatient treatment program.  For whatever reason you may have to consider The Syrona Intensives, we are proud to offer you and your clients an innovative and different therapy format than is offered elsewhere:

  • One, two, or three people – maximum
  • 7 hours of therapy a day
  • Customized length of time that fits your client’s needs (most clients choose stay between 3 and 5 days at a time).
  • ALL therapy is done by either Dr. Kelly or Dr. Mruz directly.

We get a lot done – in a short time.  We go deep, and stay deep, and achieve significant breakthroughs.   And, we know how to work with trauma and it’s lasting effects on a person’s experience of self, others, and the world.

Finally, as psychologists, we are trained to pay homage to those that have come before us, and from whom we have learned and developed our ideas and interventions.  There are numerous scholars, clinicians, and researchers, both within and outside of the psychology profession that we honor and acknowledge as having contributed to our training, leaning, and ongoing mastery of our craft.  The following list, while certainly not exhaustive, identifies the most influential theorists, researchers, clinicians, and scholars that have most strongly influenced us in our work here at Syrona:

  • Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.; Traumatic Stress: The Effects of Overwhelming Experience on Mind, Body, and Society, 1996; The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, and Body In The Healing Of Trauma.
  • Fritz Perls, M.D.; Founder of Gestalt Therapy.
  • Michael Lukens, Ph.D.; Emotioning, Meaning, and Action: A Theoretical Model for Defiing the Paramount Role of Emotioning in Determining the Motivation for Volitional Behavior, in press, 2016.
  • Pat Ogden, Ph.D.; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Interventions for Trauma and Attachment, 2015.
  • Seth Pollak, Ph.D; University of Wisconsin at Madison. Laboratory Director of the Child Emotion Research Laboratory.
  • Stephen Porges, Ph.D; The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self Regulation, 2011.

If you are interested in speaking to us further, please contact us at:

Phone:  (407) 542-0035

Thank you!

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What other therapists have said about us:

I have had the privilege of becoming familiar with Dr. Kelly and the Syrona Intensive psychotherapy program over the past two years. I have had four patients who have already worked with her and a fifth scheduled to travel to Florida for the intensive experience in the near future.

I am a psychotherapist and have been in private practice for over 40 years. There are very few therapists who are trained in this recently developed model which offers 35 hours of one-on-one intensive psychotherapy over a five day period.

This experience can be beneficial to the referring therapist for the patient who has had serious childhood wounds/trauma and individual weekly or bi-weekly psychotherapy seems inadequate to get to the core issues. Syrona’s approach includes educational, historical, experiential, and resolution components and prepares the patient to return to the referring therapist with a much deeper level of understanding of the core issues to continue the healing process.

The patients I have referred to Dr. Kelly have without exception returned to me with a deep sense of gratitude for their therapeutic experience with her. She has been described by my patients as “the most kind and brilliant person I’ve ever known.” “I felt comfortable with her instantly”. “The experience was transformative”. “She fundamentally changed my life in the best way humanly possible. I wouldn’t trade my experience with her for all the money in the world.”

As a therapist, collaborating treatment with Dr. Kelly has been as rewarding for me as it has been for my patients. She is available, communicative, and enlightening. She provides a detailed and thorough report of each day of the intensive work upon completion and is available for follow-up as needed to both patient and therapist.

In today’s world of managed care and short term treatment, the customized approach of the Syrona Intensives meets the needs for deeper-level work at an affordable cost to enhance the outpatient psychotherapy process and its outcome. I stand in awe and amazement of the work Dr. Kelly does.

Rebecca J. Trimble, LCSWNew Orleans, LA
As the owner and director of The Refuge, a residential treatment facility in central Florida serving the needs of patients suffering long term consequences of trauma, including addictions in all forms, eating disorders, as well as severe depression and post traumatic stress disorder, I had come to rely on the support of Dr. Brent Mruz.  Since 2010 we utilized his talents in both direct service to our clients as well as through consultation and support of our clinical staff.  His penetrating insight into the nature of our client's struggles is comprehensive and his capacity to communicate with them about their issues is respectful, pragmatic, and immensely empowering.

Our clients and staff have all found Dr. Mruz immediately approachable, supportive and willing to do what it takes to promote lasting change in their lives.  His work was a marvelous fit with our program as his focus is on resolving the underlying trauma and emotional disturbance responsible for the creation and maintenance of dysfunctional behavior.  His experiential approach, integrating psychodrama and emotion theory, was a powerful & transformative force, not only for the client he happened to be working with at the time in his groups, but also for the rest of the participating members.  

As a result, his group programs were always in popular demand.  In fact in 2014, when I finally sold the agency and the hospital that purchased it decided to move away from using outside consultants, the patients he had been working with were terribly upset and staged a revolt.  Since then he has continued to be an important resource for the agency in providing after-care services and staff support.  As such I highly recommend Dr. Mruz as a committed, exceptional practitioner and powerful advocate for improving people's lives. 

Finally, the highest regard that I can give to Brent is that I trust him completely with my family and friends as an extraordinary clinician and a loving soul.  He is the therapist I would choose for myself.
Founder/Executive Director 
Spirit2Spirit Consulting, 
Training & Treatment
Dr. Kelly is a talented psychologist who possesses a unique combination of warmth, compassion, energy, and well-honed clinical acumen. In her work with clients, she easily establishes the safe therapeutic relationship necessary for deep emotional and relational exploration. Her mental quickness and deep understanding of where people get stuck allows her to guide individuals to the tough places and work through core emotional wounds. I’ve know Dr. Kelly and her clinical work for more than two decades now. I have only the greatest respect and trust in her ethics and integrity, and in the quality of her work, having witnessed it first hand and through the transformation of clients I have sent her way.
Kim Kobus, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist