Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Syrona Intensive different from regular therapy?

The Syrona Intensive is different from regular therapy in two ways:

  1. The Format: we do 7 hours of therapy PER DAY.
  2. The Treatment Interventions: The focus is on changing old, outgrown automatic, entrenched habits and behaviors that are disrupting your life.

The Syrona Intensive are best when used in conjunction with regular therapy. While the traditional one hour/week therapy format works well enough for many issues, the Syrona Intensives are for those who feel they need “more” from therapy than can be provided in one or two hours per week. If you or your therapist believe you need to go the the “next level”, do deeper, more emotionally painful work (e.g., trauma work), you might be a good candidate for a Syrona Intensive.

Who benefits the most from doing a Syrona Intensive?

The Syrona Intensives are best suited for people who have already undergone some personal work, have some idea what their issues are, and are highly motivated to make deep and lasting changes in their lives. Especially important, the Syrona Intensive is completely voluntary, so it requires you to have a high level of motivation, regardless of normal apprehension. In fact, the most “prepared” clients are both eager AND scared because, on some level, they know they have to push beyond the familiar and comfortable. We need you to be willing to look closely at your life and all of your important experiences, in order to move forward into the future.

*Please note: The Syrona Intensive is not suited for people who are “forced” or not wanting to attend.

What is a typical day like during a Syrona Intensive?

A typical day starts at 9 am. We work the morning session until 12:00 or 12:30 pm. We take a one-hour lunch, return at 1:00 or 1:30, and work until 5:00 pm. If we are in the middle of important work, we extend the day as needed. If we have accomplished what we needed to do and you are exhausted, we might end a bit early. Either way, we follow what you need and are ready to do.

After the day’s work, you are free to go back to your hotel and rest, relax, journal, or go out for the evening and explore the Orlando area. It is important to note that you are under your own supervision for the evening. Some clients feel they need support so they bring family members or friends with them so they will not be alone after such an emotional day.

What if I get there and I am not able to “feel” anything and I just shut down?

This is a common fear for many of the clients who attend our Intensives. We are not put off by this problem. As a matter of fact, we expect it to show up for most people in some way, because most people naturally avoid painful feelings.

We view a “shut down” or “numb out” as just another emotional stance. We respect your body’s wisdom and way of handling painful memories and/or trauma. We will work with you to help you understand what is actually happening when you shut down or numb out. There is a legitimate reason for your body to do this, even if we don’t know at first what it is or understand why. We also understand how to work, sensitively and compassionately, with a shut down so that we can uncover the deep emotions behind it.

That being said, we will want make sure you are able to get the most value from the Intensive, so we need to ultimately get beyond or underneath the shut-down. This is the value of being referred to the Intensive by a therapist. The therapist often is able to differentiate between those clients that can handle and need an Intensive and those that need more preparation.

How do I decide how many days I should attend?

The amount of time you stay typically depends on the goals you and/or your therapist want to accomplish. This is usually determined during our consult call before the Intensive, and is always decided on a case-by-case basis. That being said, most of our clients choose to attend a three, four- or five-day individual Intensive or a four or five day small group Intensive. The most important factor is what works best for you.

Do people attend more than one Intensive?


Although many people attending the Syrona Intensives do “one and done”, others find it helpful and/or necessary to return for additional work.

Some people are initially unsure of the whole idea of doing deeper, emotionally-based therapy so they start with a 2- or 3-person Intensive as a warm-up. Afterwards, armed with more of an idea of how it all works and what their issues are, they feel ready for an Individual Intensive that can focus only on them. Others have started with the individual Intensive and later return for “tune-ups” by attending a small group Intensive.

The majority of people who return for additional Intensives do so because they are dealing with long-term and chronic trauma histories and need to do the work in “doses”. Also, for many of the people who return for additional Intensives, they do not have access to trauma-trained therapists at home.

Whether you want to come once or have the option to return, the point is to customize the Intensive so that it best meets what you need and what you are comfortable doing.