About After Care with Syrona

What Happens After I Return Home From An Intensive?

Follow up is an important part of any intensive therapy program. Primarily for this reason, the Syrona Intensives are designed to be an adjunct to regular therapy. We highly recommend that every person attending a Syrona Intensive work with a therapist for at least the first month upon returning home.

Here at Syrona, we follow-up in the following ways:

  • After the Intensive, we provide to you and your therapist a clinical summary of the work done during the Intensive
  • Your therapist (Dr. Kelly or Dr. Mruz) does a follow-up phone consult with you and/or your referring therapist (preferably within a week after the Intensive).
  • Follow-up phones sessions can be arranged if desired.  Although follow-up phone sessions can be very valuable after an Intensive, they are not designed to replace ongoing, face-to-face therapy.  For this reason, we make sure you have a sufficient social and therapeutic support system in place before attending a Syrona Intensive.

Last but not least, many individuals want to continue their learning after attending a Syrona Intensive. To meet this interest, we are developing blogs and both client and therapist portals on this website so alumni and interested therapists can gain additional information and support as needed or desired. Stay tuned…