Do you want therapy but don’t have a lot of time?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives - serious therapy in a short time.

Looking for high quality,
state-of-the-art, psychotherapy?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives - work exclusively
with experienced, highly trained, licensed psychologists.

Are you looking for a therapy program
that is designed around your UNIQUE story?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives - an innovative
alternative to residential or inpatient treatment centers.

Tired of therapy that focuses
only on your symptoms?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives -
we delve into the core of your issues.

The Syrona Intensives: Short-Term, Customized Therapy.

Get To Your Issues, Quickly. The Focus Stays on YOU.

Be Treated By Experienced Psychologists

Work One-on-One, Or In a 2 or 3-Person Small Group.

No Wasted Time. Just Good Therapy.

(407) 542-0035

About the Program

Welcome to Syrona! We are Dr. Kelly and Dr. Mruz.  We offer you one-one-one, intensive treatment for a range of issues, including:  trauma, OCD, anxiety, PTSD, depression, relationships/couples, eating disorders/obesity, and addictions. 

The Syrona Intensives are an new, innovative, and cost-effective way to get high-quality treatment in a short-time.  You work with us for 7 hours a day, choosing between 2- to 5-day intensive options.  By working with only 1,2, or 3 individuals at a time, you are guaranteed to get individual, focused attention.  By having this much time each day, we directly address the underlying issues behind your symptoms.

We are conveniently located in Orlando, Fl, about a 30 minute drive from the Orlando International Airport.

*Please note: the Syrona Intensives are not covered by insurance.

dr kelly and dr mruz

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The Syrona Intensives
890 Northern Way, Suite A1
Winter Springs, FL, 32708
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