Do you want therapy but don’t have a lot of time?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives - serious therapy in a short time.

Looking for high quality,
state-of-the-art, psychotherapy?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives - work exclusively
with experienced, highly trained, licensed psychologists.

Are you looking for a therapy program
that is designed around your UNIQUE story?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives - an innovative
alternative to residential or inpatient treatment centers.

Tired of therapy that focuses
only on your symptoms?

Introducing the Syrona Intensives -
we delve into the core of your issues.


Are you stuck in automatic, habitual patterns you want to change?

Have you outgrown old ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving but keep getting triggered?

Do you want off the treadmill of doing things without thinking?

Check us out.  We can help.

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About the Program

 Hi!  We are Dr. Kelly, Dr. Mruz, and Dr. Karlinsky.  Welcome to the Syrona Intensives

A New Way To “Do” Psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is about CHANGE.  The Syrona Intensives follow your natural change process, immersing you in the therapy process for full day sessions.  We accomplish a lot in less time because we don’t interrupt the process after only one hour.

Choose Individual, Couple, or Small Group Intensives.  All Intensives will teach you the science behind how you “tick”, why change is elusive, and what you need to do for successful change to stick.

Choose between 3, 4, or 5 day options.  Learning to change depends more on what you do in therapy, not on how long therapy lasts.  Syrona immerses you in therapy for longer sessions so you can get more accomplished, faster, and in more depth than in traditional therapy.

Cutting Edge Knowledge.  The Syrona Intensives are based upon current advances in emotion, memory, trauma, and neuroscience.  They are designed around how emotions really work, and how we humans really change .

Efficiency.  We work with your natural stages of change, making your therapy time more efficient and to the point.  We don’t waste time wandering around different topics from week to week.

Highly Trained Therapists.  All of the intensives are conducted by licensed, clinical psychologists with advanced training and years of experience.

Syrona is conveniently located in Orlando, Fl, about a 30 minute drive from the Orlando International Airport.

*Please note: the Syrona Intensives are not covered by insurance.

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Dr. Erica Karlinsky

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